3 Shocking Things Seen Regularly By Child Custody Law Firms

Child custody law firms have seen it all, and that comes as no surprise given the nature of custody battles. These cases are aptly named. They can be strenuous, taxing and difficult for all parties involved. The children in particular feel this strain because they are in the middle. Divorces are seldom easy, but child [...]

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Legal Reasons for Modifying Child Support

Changing or modifying child support is no easy task. To do so, you’ll need the court to order the change, but you can’t get the court to rule unless you have solid legal grounds. When Can You Modify Child Support? If there has been a substantial change in circumstances, for either you or your child, [...]

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Top 5 Questions about Modification of Custody

If you’re thinking about pursuing a modification of custody, you might not know where to begin. First of all, that’s ok! Second, here’s a list of the most common questions people ask about changing visitation and custody agreements: Do I Have a Valid Basis for Modification of Custody? Before you can file, you must have [...]

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Why Do I Need to Consider Child Custody Lawyers for My Divorce?

In the throes of a divorce, it can be difficult to determine if you should hire experienced child custody lawyers. Adding a child custody attorney to your legal team may seem like an expensive proposition.  However, there is a lot at stake when it comes to determining a child’s future, rights, and living arrangements. How [...]

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Do Child Custody Cases Always Favor One Parent Over the Other?

There’s a common myth about child custody cases always finding in favor of the mother. This is due to an old law called the “tender years’ presumption,” which routinely awarded custody to the figure society perceived to be more caring and nurturing: the mother. However, modern-day courts are required to award custody based solely on [...]

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Top Tips on Preparing for Court Hearings from Child Custody Attorneys

If you are getting ready for your first court hearing for child custody, you are likely feeling some anxiety, but getting tips from child custody attorneys will help you to prepare and put your mind at ease. While we do not have a crystal ball to tell you exactly what will happen during the hearing, [...]

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Do Single Fathers Have the Same Rights as Mothers in Child Custody Law?

It is a common misconception that single fathers do not have the same rights as mothers in child custody law. The truth is, it is possible to win child custody in the state of Georgia as a single dad. In fact, more and more dads are gaining child custody than ever before. The courts in [...]

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Can Changes Be Made to Which Parent Has Custody of a Child after the Divorce?

For parents moving toward a divorce, one of the most pressing issues they face is in regards to the custody of a child. After your divorce is final, you may wonder if you can change who has custody of a child. Keep reading for the facts to help you gain some clarity on this important topic. [...]

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Do Child Custody Laws Favor One Parent over the Other?

In years past, it was a common belief that child custody laws had a tendency to favor mothers over fathers. However, more dads are gaining custody of children than ever before. The reason is that the courts are striving to give both parents equal consideration for custody. The best interests of the children is a [...]

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After Divorce, Can the Custody of My Child Be Changed?

Following a divorce, one of the top questions parents have for divorce lawyers is, “Can the custody of my child be changed?” The quick answer is- Yes. But there are facts to keep in mind as you go through the process to ensure your child’s custody is where it should be. Child custody tends to [...]

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