Our divorce modification attorneys know that even after your divorce becomes final, your life will continue to change. You might get a new job. Your ex-spouse may wish to move away from the area. These circumstances and many others may form the basis for court-ordered changes, or modifications, in a final divorce settlement.

Attorneys who can either oppose or request a modification

Our family law attorneys have vast experience in assisting clients who are seeking modifications of divorce orders. We also advocate for clients who are opposing modifications. There is no formula for success in such cases. We have found, however, that our practice of thorough preparation and documentation puts our clients in a strong position.

Independent experts strengthen modification cases

Whether you are the party filing for the modification or defending the modification, your case gains strength when an independent expert testimony supports it. This is particularly true whenever a modification request would affect children, or if one party is self-employed and income is difficult to prove. Our law firm often consults with child psychologists, forensic accountants and business valuators to strengthen our clients’ cases. The court often relies heavily on third party testimony in matters related to children that might affect custody, visitation and support.

Atlanta divorce modification attorneys know how to build the strongest possible case

No one’s life is static or unchanging. That is why the court entertains petitions for modification of orders. However, the court also needs convincing that the modification is appropriate. Our attorneys are able to argue the facts and utilize expert testimony that makes a strong argument for your case.