Alimony Attorneys in Alpharetta, Cumming

Our alimony lawyers know that there are many factors that go into the calculation of court ordered provision for a spouse. In fact, this calculation determines how much alimony one spouse will be paying to the other. Furthermore, an alimony award is based, in part, on one party’s need for support and the other party’s ability to pay support.

Considerations that Alimony Lawyers Must Factor in to the Award:

  1. The established standard of living, length of the marriage.
  2. Health of the parties.
  3. Distribution of marital property and/or marital debt.
  4. Separate property.
  5. Debt structure.
  6. Tax issues.
  7. Child support to pay or to receive.

Alimony in Alpharetta, Georgia is rarely intends to be permanent. Rather, it is a bridge to self-sufficiency. In addition, the court may grant spousal support as a lump sum or in periodic payments.

Finally, if you have questions about the alimony process or laws, contact one of our Alpharetta alimony attorneys today at (770) 475-2521.