In the throes of a divorce, it can be difficult to determine if you should hire experienced child custody lawyers. Adding a child custody attorney to your legal team may seem like an expensive proposition.  However, there is a lot at stake when it comes to determining a child’s future, rights, and living arrangements.

Child Custody Lawyers

How to Determine If Hiring a Child Custody Expert is Right for You

No universal rule says you MUST hire a child custody attorney during your divorce proceedings. Rather, there is a set of considerations you must examine before deciding if it’s the right choice for you:

Can You Afford to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer?

There’s no getting around it. Hiring a custody lawyer is going to cost money. When deciding whether or not to make the jump, have a solid understanding of the anticipated costs before signing on the bottom line. This will include interviewing different attorneys, getting detailed fee estimates, and understanding exactly how they bill for extra hours or unanticipated expenses.

How Complex Is Your Case?

This may be slightly difficult to assess on your own, but generally speaking, your can consider your case complex if any of the following items can apply:

    1. Interstate custody or living arrangements will be required
    2. The child has a medical condition requiring specific treatment, controlled living environment, strict medication administration, etc.
    3. Your soon-to-be-ex spouse is an unfit parent, or leads a lifestyle which would cause harm to your child if they were exposed
    4. You and your spouse have wildly different opinions about parenting style

Are There Local Divorce Attorneys with Appropriate Child Custody Experience?

In some instances, you will find a family law attorney who has experience in both divorce and child custody cases. In instances where finances are lean, you may be able to hire a single attorney to serve in both capacities.

You Have a Gut Feeling.

This one isn’t particularly scientific, but as divorces proceed, you may begin to sense your spouse may be reacting in a negative way. In some instances, your spouse may even try to obtain custody to “get back at you” for proceeding with the divorce. Heed your inner instincts when you begin to see the signs.  Then hire an experienced attorney to help protect yourself and your child throughout the court proceedings. You know this person better than anyone so don’t ignore it when the panicked voice in your head sounds the alarm.

Looking for Experienced Divorce and Child Custody Lawyers in Georgia?

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