Resolving Your Divorce In and Out of the Courtroom

For more than 25 years, our Alpharetta divorce attorneys have guided clients and families through every step of the divorce process. We know that this is an emotional process and that every case involves unique concerns and goals of those involved. At Reeder Law Firm, our goal is to ensure that these concerns are addressed and that our clients’ can enter the next chapter of their lives with peace of mind.

Our attorneys will not only analyze your current situation. First we look to how the divorce and related matters will affect you in the future. Second we look at your long-term financial issues. Third are your children. Do you have children with special needs? Do you have questions about the ability of one spouse to support himself or herself? We will not overlook any details in your case. The attorney you choose at the Reeder Law Firm will advise you on your legal options. We provide experienced guidance to protect your rights. Furthermore, we protect your rights during divorce in both uncontested or contested cases.

Contested Divorce in Alpharetta

The issues presented in a divorce are diverse and often complex. A positive step in the long run may be divorce. It typically takes place during a time when your ability to concentrate on complicated decisions and details seem challenging. Uncertainty about the legal process can add confusion to an already difficult situation. Our divorce attorneys utilize the discovery process. Discovery enables negotiation opportunities, and/or mediation. This maximizes the likelihood of resolving your divorce issues amicably, and thereby avoiding protracted and expensive litigation. In some cases going to trial is the only means to achieve a favorable outcome for your case. Our attorneys are prepared to aggressively pursue your action. We will aggressively defend your rights and proactively pursue your interests in any litigated matter.

Our divorce attorneys and experienced trial lawyers will advise and guide you through all aspects of the divorce process, including:

Complex Contested Divorce in Cumming, GA

You may be facing a contested divorce. Complex divorce cases may require that we engage technical or specialized professionals with knowledge outside the field of law. Such professionals and experts may include forensic accountants, child psychologists, business valuators, and real estate professionals. In these cases, coordinating with independent professionals and experts is often desirable and sometimes necessary. The use of such professionals can often facilitate settlement. This reduces legal costs and the emotional stress of litigation to our clients.

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce can occur when the parties agree to all issues. This includes all issues relevant to a settlement and final dissolution of marriage. This is prior to retaining an attorney to draft the necessary legal documents for the divorce. This process may save time and financial resources, and promote a better relationship between the parties subsequent to the divorce. However, an uncontested divorce does not provide for discovery, mediation or in-depth negotiation procedures involved in a contested divorce. Discovery may be particularly important. One party may not be completely forthcoming regarding all assets, debts and other relevant issues.

For more detailed information on uncontested divorces, visit our Uncontested Divorce page.

Child Custody

Custody of children under the age of 18 is often the issue that generates the most conflict between divorcing parties. The legal and physical custody of children is a parents’ highest priority. The interests of the child is the primary decider of these decisions. The attorneys at the Reeder Law Firm take a direct and honest approach. We address all sensitive issues regarding child custody. We make sure that the client understands the issues. This includes how Georgia law may affect him or her.

For more detailed information on child custody issues, visit our Child Custody page.

Child Support

When one parent makes monthly payments to another parent to support their child, it is child support. Support of the parties’ minor children are below the age of eighteen. The parent without primary custody makes child support payments. Our attorneys will help to ensure that you are either receiving or providing the appropriate amount of child support.

For more detailed information on child support issues, visit our Child Support page.


When one spouse pays monetary support to the other spouse, as a result of a divorce, it is alimony. Unlike child support, there is no absolute right to alimony. The party seeking alimony has the burden of proof. This includes establishing to the court that an award of alimony is proper. In cases involving alimony, one spouse must pay the other spouse monthly payments. They can also be in the form of a single lump-sum payment. You may be the spouse who is in need of alimony.  the spouse who faces the possibility of providing alimony. In both cases, the Reeder Law Firm has the experience to address your alimony issues.

For more detailed information on alimony, visit our Alimony page.

Division of Property

In Georgia, courts seek to achieve an equitable division of marital property in divorce cases. The equitable division of marital property is an allocation of assets acquired during the marriage. This can include property acquired by one or both parties. Property acquired before or during the marriage can be an exception. Marital property cannot be equally divided perfectly. Each person is considered in the division.

Separate Property

Separate property is generally not subject to equitable division. Among other categories, it usually includes property owned by one party prior to the marriage. This includes property acquired during the marriage by specific gift to one of the parties, or through inheritance. Separate property issues sometimes present complexities that often require a careful analysis. This sometimes requires the use of a forensic accountant.

Debt Allocation

Typically, both spouses in a marriage will incur debt. This debt benefits the entire family. The court will seek to make an equitable division of the marital debts. Applying the same principles used in dividing marital property.

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