Alpharetta Child Support Attorneys

The primary physical custodian receives child support payments. The secondary physical custodian pays child support. The primary physical custodian must obtain an order of support from the court. This can be done through agreement of the parties. This can also be done through litigation. A child support action can be an independent action. It may also be one of many issues addressed in a divorce, or other domestic relations matter such as paternity or legitimation case. Our child support attorneys will work to insure that our clients are paying or receiving a fair amount of child support.

Considerations in calculating child support

As a starting point, the law requires the use of “child support worksheets.” The law in the Georgia provides guidelines for calculating child support and allows for the possibility of adjustments to the worksheets in certain areas, such as:

  • Other children receiving child support
  • Health insurance and day care expenses
  • Self-employment taxes
  • Social Security benefits paid for children
  • Extraordinary medical costs
  • Extraordinary educational costs
  • In-kind income for the self-employed
  • Self-employment taxes
  • Other support or contributions, such as mortgage payments or private school tuition
  • Extraordinary medical expenses
  • Long-distance travel for visitation
  • Amount of parenting time

Child Support Attorneys who understand the system

Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of the child support laws and guidelines. The court can apply the law in various circumstances. The State of Georgia writes the laws for there to be flexibility in the system. An experienced divorce lawyer will be able to advise you properly. We will advise on issues such as custodial time, alimony and taxable income. The court will determine amount of child support based on these issues.

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