Custody of a Child AlpharettaFor parents moving toward a divorce, one of the most pressing issues they face is in regards to the custody of a child. After your divorce is final, you may wonder if you can change who has custody of a child. Keep reading for the facts to help you gain some clarity on this important topic.

Any attorney will tell you that child custody tends to be the issue that creates the most conflict between parents going through a divorce.  It helps to understand the facts surrounding child custody laws and what it means to your unique situation.

It’s true judges will make changes in child custody after a divorce.  However, these changes only happen if the change is in the best interest of the child. The court strives to make custody decisions based on what is best for the child or children involved.

Making Changes to Custody of Child after Divorce

Both child custody and child support can be modified after divorce if circumstances for you, your former spouse or your child change. For example, if a child is not doing well in school and you believe the problem is the home environment, you can ask the court to order a change in custody.

Other circumstances that may call for a change in child custody after a divorce:

  • An older child wishes to live with a different parent.  The court can order a change in custody as well as a change in support based on the custody change.
  • A parent has an issue with drugs, alcohol or mental health that is not being addressed. The court may change custody or require supervised visitation.
  • A parent with primary physical custody wishes to remove a child from the state. He or she must obtain approval from the other parent or the court.
  • A parent becomes unemployed and can no longer support the child financially. The court may change custody.

Child Custody Attorney

When it comes to making changes to child custody after a divorce, it is important to have a professional attorney.  They can help to answer your questions and guide you through the process. There are also certain cases in which it will be especially helpful to have a legal firm working with you on a child custody case, because they can bring in professionals like child psychologists or a Guardian ad Litem to offer support to your request. In a difficult child custody case, this professional assistance can make all the difference.

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