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Child custody is often the issue that generates the most conflict between divorcing parties. Our Alpharetta child custody attorneys are direct and honest. We make sure that the client understands the issues and how the law may affect him or her. In matters related to child custody, we explain the different options available to our client.

Legal custody

It is common for parents to share legal custody. Joint legal custody means both parents have certain legal rights related to the minor child. This includes rights and responsibilities for major decisions concerning the child. Such issues may include the child’s education, health care, extracurricular activities, and religious upbringing. However, only one parent will have final decision making authority for the child in the event the parents disagree on such a major decision.

Physical custody/Visitation

An award of physical custody determines where the child lives. Typically, one parent is designated as the primary physical custodian and the other parent the secondary physical custodian. The minor child’s permanent residence will be with the primary custodian. The noncustodial parent will usually have regular overnight visitation with the child on certain weekends, holidays and other designated times. Visitation schedules for noncustodial parents can vary significantly. This can depend on the desires of the parents and the needs of the child.

When necessary, our firm utilizes other professionals, such as a child psychologist or a Guardian ad Litem to assist in supporting our client’s claim for custody.

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