uncontested divorce attorneyAn uncontested divorce attorney has an especially tough job. They need to balance their clients’ intentions with their best interests. Depending on the circumstances you’re in, it may be a tricky balancing act. Carefully consider the following scenarios when deciding the type of attorney you need for your divorce:

When You Want Out at All Costs

Whether you’re dealing with infidelity, abuse, or other deal breakers, sometimes the only remedy capable of restoring peace and balance to your life is legally cutting ties with your spouse. People in this situation are often in a rush and they’re willing to do anything to free themselves from chaos. Unfortunately, this sometimes results in one, or both, spouses foregoing legal advice. Hiring an attorney to represent you in an uncontested divorce can help preserve your security and avoid future litigation.

You shouldn’t have to settle for confusing parenting plans or walk away from assets you’ve helped build through the years. Inevitably, down the road, sacrifices made for the sake of fast resolutions are often a source of future litigation.

When You Want to Work Things Out

Being surprised with divorce papers can send your life into a tailspin. Your spouse’s lawyer may see your desire to stay together, and use it against you. People in your position often agree to outrageous things in an attempt to make their spouses happy, or at least to avoid making them angry and driving them further away. You will need to find an experienced divorce attorney to help you because your instincts can easily lead you astray if you don’t want a divorce to begin with.

When You Have Children

Whether you’re fighting or getting along relatively well, divorcing spouses often run into troubles down the road. Prevent common problems down the road by hiring attorneys who have experience in child custody and support issues. For instance, to determine the proper amount of child support, there are many factors that should be considered and there are many opportunities for mistakes or omissions that could result in an unfair amount of child support. Holiday and summer visitation schedules for children can also present a source of conflict in the years following a divorce if an experienced family law attorney did not give it the proper attention.

Uncontested Divorce Attorney

In the movies, divorcing couples are eager to find attack dog lawyers who can hurt their spouse in court. That’s generally not the way people feel in real life. The best start on the next chapter in your life is hiring a level-headed professional.

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