find divorce lawyerWhen you’re trying to find a divorce lawyer, the options and possibilities can seem overwhelming. However, this is the person representing you and your interests throughout what’s to come. It’s important you and your lawyer have aligned intentions and that your lawyer’s “style” suits your goals.

What exactly does the attorney’s style have to do with it? Well, some clients want a lawyer of the same gender. Others want a calm, cool demeanor. Or not. And for many, price is a key consideration. Also, your lawyer will need to be competent, experienced, and ethical.

Sound impossible? It isn’t. There are plenty of accomplished lawyers capable of helping you with your case.  Where things start to get tricky is when you layer in some of the broader “types” or personality traits. Read on to learn about some common attorney styles.

The Generalist Lawyer

As described, this lawyer doesn’t focus exclusively on family law or divorces. While some will be good enough to assist you with basic family law matters, they aren’t going to be familiar with the intricacies and minute details of divorce law inside of Appellate Courts. If you’re looking to hire an actual divorce attorney, you may want to skip this one.

The Destroyer Lawyer

This is the lawyer people often describe as a shark or attack dog. They have a list of court cases in which they’ve obliterated the other side and come out on top. Generally, they will avoid using tactics like mediation or collaborative settlement… until the other side is literally begging.

On the upside, they often have winning track records. On the downside, the aggressive nature of their legal strategy can cause delays, and the contentious tone they set can create added stress for their clients.

The Maven Lawyer

These lawyers usually have a narrow and pointed angle or approach and often only represent one gender. They like to claim the Court treats their clients unfairly and only they have the experience needed to battle against it. While this is sometimes true (and others, not), you should be cautious about a lawyer whose approach is excessive and has the potential to alienate the court.

The Super Star Lawyer

Every town has a “top” divorce lawyer. They drive shiny cars, work in fancy buildings, and charge upwards of $500 an hour for their service. Is their reputation deserved? Yes. Are there other lawyers who can represent you just as well for a fraction of the cost? Possibly. But think carefully about whether or not you have $20,000+ to spend on your divorce before you decide to hire them.

The Steady Hand Lawyer

Finally, when it comes to family law, over ninety percent of cases will settle before ever reaching the courtroom. This lawyer will work hard to gather all of the facts up front and identify any sticking points right off the bat. They are willing to go to trial, if necessary, but know that in a vast majority of cases their clients can reach an acceptable arrangement without ever setting foot in the courtroom.

How Should I Proceed to Find a Divorce Lawyer?

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