Family Law PracticeIs it really worth it to hire a family law practice for estate planning? Can’t you just handle it on your own? The truth is that hiring a qualified attorney makes it possible to care for your family in the event of your death. Knowing your will and trust are properly prepared will give you peace of mind. You can’t put a price tag on that!

Beware of Books and Online Services Making Promises for Estate Planning

Of course, there are a plethora of books, websites and online services stating they will help you draft wills and trusts at a lower price without the need for an attorney. This is often not a safe path to take. A qualified attorney will ensure your will and trust hold up in a court of law and that your wishes are carried out as you intended. This isn’t necessarily true when it comes to making preparations with guidance from a book or online service. So, a book cannot help after you are gone.

Additionally, these unprofessional services and resources may not provide the right documents or appropriate language for your unique situation. Often, these services give you generic, fill-in-the-blank type forms that provide limited information. By working with a family law practice in your state, you will have the advantage of discussing your family, your assets and your wishes. Therefore, the drafted will and trust leaves the legacy you intend to leave to your loved ones.

Put Your Trust in a Qualified Family Law Practice

In the state of Georgia, the terms will and trust are interchangeable. It is a legal document in which you make your wishes known regarding your estate. For example, you can identify your beneficiaries and state the specific items of your estate you would like each beneficiary to receive. Simply put, the will provides directions and powers to facilitate your goals and wishes after you die.

When you work with a qualified family law practice, the staff will handle all legal matters pertaining to your will, including:

Hiring the right law firm to draft your will or trust ensures it is carefully written. This means all formalities are properly carried out in the signing of the will. Choosing an attorney who has extensive experience in will preparation enables the distribution of your estate according to your wishes. Finally, it minimizes the likelihood of a success challenge to your will.

Choose an experienced family law practice. You will have peace of mind knowing the firm will stay up-to-date on the laws that impact your individual situation. That’s how you can protect your assets, no matter what changes take place. This is a tremendous benefit a website, book or online forum does not offer.

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