How to Start a DivorceIf you are trying to figure out how to start a divorce, you may be feeling anxious and nervous, but more than that you want to be sure you begin the right way. After all, you probably have not gone through this before—perhaps, you haven’t even been to court before. Because of the uncertainties and incredible importance of doing everything right, it is a good idea to have professional legal support to guide you as you begin the process of divorce.

In the meantime, while you are searching for the right divorce attorney to guide you, we want to provide some basic advice to help you know what to expect when you are ready to start a divorce.

Here are some helpful steps and advice to steer you in the right direction on how to start a divorce:

  1. Determine the grounds for divorce.
    When filing this formal petition, be prepared to explain to the judge exactly why you want a divorce. Consider the 12 specific reasons the law considers legal grounds for divorce in the state of Georgia. Then decide which ground for divorce fits your situation. Each ground has specific legal qualifications that you must meet in order to claim it.
  2. Know what you want the court to do in your divorce.
    Clearly state in your petition for divorce exactly what you are asking of the court. In addition to stating which one of the 12 grounds you are asking the court to grant for the divorce, you must also explain exactly what you want the court to do. Are you asking for child support or full custody, or do you have a special request for property division? Carefully and thoughtfully list any requests in this petition.
  3. Pay the filing fees and file your petition correctly.
    There will be a filing fee when you file your petition. The place to file is in the county court that is local to your estranged spouse’s residence. If you lived in a different county together and your spouse moved to another county within six months of your filing date, you can file in the county where you lived together.

Why Hiring a Divorce Attorney Is Important

Perhaps your divorce petition is cut and dry. Or perhaps you find yourself uncertain about which of the 12 grounds for divorce is right for your situation. Either way, it makes a difference to have legal support as you begin the divorce process and file your petition. Having professional legal support will provide you with confidence and peace of mind as it will ensure you are following the steps correctly from beginning to end.

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