How Much Does a Divorce Attorney CostHow much does a divorce attorney cost in the state of Georgia? The truth is no matter where you live, the cost varies. The cost will also depend on the issues at stake in your divorce and the expectations of both spouses. Still, there are ways to get a general idea of the costs before moving forward with the process.

You can run up significant legal fees quickly if you and your spouse disagree over custody issues or over other factors that are important to both of you.  However, if you are planning on a simple, uncontested divorce in Georgia, you can expect a more affordable process and possibly even a flat rate.

Primary Factors Contributing to Attorney’s Fees

  • The complexities of your specific divorce case, for instance, child custody issues or high asset divorces.
  • The level of conflict or cooperation between the two parties in the divorce.
  • The firm you choose to represent you.

People say divorces are like snowflakes and no two are exactly the same.  So, as you try to estimate the cost of your divorce, you must consider your personal situation and understand the cost may vary depending on the issues that your situation presents. Based on our experience and the rates at the Reeder Law Firm, the legal costs of a divorce can range from $2,000 for an uncontested divorce without children to $100,000 or more for a high-asset contested divorce with custody issues. That’s a big difference, but this just goes to show how individual situations greatly impact the cost.

There are two basic fee structures that an attorney in Georgia can offer a client in a divorce matter, retainer or flat-fee. Whether an attorney offers a flat-fee or retainer fee structure, it is important to understand that the fees you pay will be based on either the actual time spent on your case (retainer) or an estimate of the amount of time that will be spent on your case (flat-fee).


A retainer is the more common fee structure that divorce attorneys use.   When an attorney is unsure how much time they will spend on a case, a retainer fee structure is easier. If you have child custody issues or complicated financial matters in dispute, you can expect a higher initial retainer. If the initial retainer is depleted before the divorce is able to be finalized, an additional retainer will be required.

Flat Rate Divorce

If you and your spouse have reached an agreement concerning the major issues in your divorce, a divorce attorney may offer a flat rate to memorialize your agreement properly, prepare all required documentation and finalize your divorce. In uncontested cases, you may have the option of a flat-rate. Uncontested cases allow the attorney to more accurately estimate the time for your case from the onset. However, in an uncontested divorce, the rate may be higher if your case involves children. In cases with children, the attorney must prepare and file additional paperwork with the court.

The consultation is one area where you can actually save money. You can choose a divorce attorney in Georgia who offers a free consultation. Consultations allow you to interact with several attorneys and then decide which attorney is the right fit for you. Court costs and filing fees are typically in addition to the retainer and flat rates. Filing fees for a divorce are approximately $200, but this varies from county to county.

Our professional team of attorneys are ready to help you learn more about rates associated with your specific divorce case. For a complimentary, confidential consultation to learn how much does a divorce attorney cost in Georgia, contact one of our Alpharetta attorneys.