Certified Family Law AttorneyDid you know a certified family law attorney can help you throughout the entire divorce process? It’s true. From start to finish, they are your advocate, a champion in your corner fighting on your behalf the entire time.

But just in case you need a little more convincing, here are six more reasons having an experienced divorce attorney by your side is beneficial:

Evaluating Your Divorce Options

Let’s face it—divorce is usually complicated and messy. Depending your situation, you may face any or all of the following:

  1. Division of assets and property
  2. Alimony or spousal support
  3. Child support
  4. Legal custody

So, based on your goals, and the contentiousness of the divorce itself, your attorney may advocate for (or against) different strategies from the outset. From day one, they will do everything they can to make sure you get what you deserve.

Acting as an Impartial Third Party

Emotions run high in divorce cases, and sometimes it’s almost impossible for one or both parties to remain calm and objective about the offer or terms placed before them. Your attorney will act as a balance against impulsive and emotional behavior and ensure your best interests are always at the forefront.

Handling the Mountain of Paperwork

The more complex the divorce case, the more paperwork is inevitably required. While the actual amount varies from state to state, the complexity of the paperwork is more than most people want to do on their own.

Utilizing External Resources

Given the requirements it takes to become a lawyer, there aren’t a ton of them out there. When you add in individual areas of legal focus, the group of people grows smaller. In especially complicated cases, you may need an entire legal team. The team can tackle each of the specific areas of your case. Your lawyer can help you assemble the right people (with the right skills) to tackle even the most complicated jobs.

Experience Working with Opposing Counsel

Furthermore, your attorney will act as a buffer between you and any antics the opposing counsel may try to pull. Your attorney will keep you informed and in control the entire time; there will be no shady tactics or bullying to try and force you into an agreement that doesn’t work for you. They’ll also ensure the exchange of information up-front is thorough and complete. This is necessary to ensure there are no surprises later on.

Settlement Advice

in addition, if you’re wondering if the agreement you’re being presented with is the best you can do, or is fair given your current situation and the facts of your case, an experienced attorney should be able to tell you.

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