best family law attorneysThe best family law attorneys can help you with any number of issues involving the establishment, disillusion, or management of legal family relationships. More specifically, if you need someone to handle marriage, separation, divorce, adoption, child custody, support or guardianship, you need a family law attorney with experience.

Look for the following three traits to find the best family law attorney available:

They’re in the right location.

Having a license to practice law in an area is not the same as having the professional contacts so many top-notch attorneys put to use. Knowing a judge’s preferences—or their biases—can go a long way to securing favor in the courtroom. It pays to find a lawyer who has practiced regularly in the area where you’ll be filing your motions.

It is also important that your attorney’s office is within a reasonable proximity to your home or work. After all, you will likely be meeting with your attorney on at least several occasions and possibly more depending on your case. If it is difficult to schedule meetings with your attorney because of their office’s geographic location, this could be problematic.

They present themselves in a professional manner online.

Social media is one of the easiest ways to test someone’s mettle. Look your attorneys up on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Survey what they’re posting, as well as the kind of information they’re sharing. This can give you a good idea of the attitude with which they’ll handle your case.

For instance, is someone complaining about an annoying client, or worse, discussing details of a case? Even anonymous mentions can be revealing, leaving your privacy at risk. Are potential attorneys bragging or negative in their social media posts? Do they seem helpful and confident? At a basic level, which candidates seem professional and which seem oblivious to the impact of social media? You want to work with people who realize that public interactions can impact their work.

They have good reputations.

Review sites like Yelp and mentions in news stories can give you a good idea of the reputation of different attorneys in your area. In a search engine, type an attorney’s name in quotations along with a location, like so:

“Kathryn Reeder” in Alpharetta, GA

Doing this will result in online mentions, reviews and newspaper and magazine articles that are archived online. You can read through them quickly to determine whether or not potential candidates are well-known and whether they are experienced in relevant areas. And many times, you’ll also get a feel for whether their former clients have been satisfied with their work. In addition, obviously, personal recommendations count for a lot.

Legal problems can leave anyone anxious, but working with a competent, supportive legal professional can help. Need help finding the best family law attorneys in Alpharetta, GA? Call (770) 475-2521 for a free consultation.