family divorce lawyerYour family divorce lawyer provides more than just sound legal advice. It may be tempting to file on your own. However, there are additional assistance and benefits that are impossible to come by in today’s DIY digital environment.

Still not convinced? Here are five great reasons to hire a divorce attorney right away.

You Get Access to Rich Legal Experience

Lawyers who deal with divorce daily are more likely to get you everything you deserve. And when it comes to the settlement intricacies that vary from state to state, it’s important to have someone on your side who knows what they’re doing.

This is especially true when there are child custody and support questions involved. If you want to ensure the court recognizes your rights, you need someone who knows the laws inside and out. Otherwise, you run the risk of your ex’s legal counsel steamrolling you.

Did you know that not every state has an equitable distribution policy? Depending on various actions during the marriage, you can be entitled to more or less. Items such as individual and common property, alimony, spousal support, and retirement funds are all areas you’ll need to settle. And it’s always better to settle outside of court.

Why hire a lawyer then? Well, even if the court doesn’t perform the actual distribution of assets, the court must still review and sign off on any agreements. Your lawyer can help ensure that the system accepts whatever settlement agreement you and your ex reach. Otherwise, you’ll have to go through the whole exercise all over again.

You Get Total Peace of Mind

There’s no two ways about it: divorce is stressful. Hiring a divorce attorney to act on your behalf takes a huge chunk of that stress off your plate. You’re no longer on the hook for directly dealing with your ex or reviewing and filing mounds of confusing paperwork. Your attorney can handle all of that on your behalf, freeing you up to do what matters most: focus on yourself and your family.

You Avoid Costly Mistakes

The legal system is intricate and complicated. While there are a few instances in which divorces are relatively straightforward, (marriages of less than a year are a good example), most come with convoluted forms, filings, and addendums. You also have the added pressure of ensuring you address EVERYTHING: every credit card, medical bill, piece of property, and more.

Failure to do so can end up with the Court rejecting your case and the need to start the filing process all over again. In addition to time, you’re looking at ongoing costs and any financial implications that come with continuing your marriage.

Your attorney is a safeguard against all of the above. They’ll get things done right the first time and help you.

Your Agreement Is Binding and Leaves Little Room to Be Overturned

Did you know the court can throw out a legal agreement just because the other party failed to secure legal representation? It’s true. If your ex contests they weren’t aware of what they were signing or makes claims they were forced to sign under duress, the divorce agreement can go right out the window.

This is even more of a risk when what’s drafted and set before the Court leaves any room for interpretation. Just because you meant one thing doesn’t mean that’s how the law is going to interpret it. The language in your agreement needs to be clear and airtight; otherwise, you’re at risk.

Your attorney will help you draft a rock-solid agreement leaving little room for interpretation. They’ll also spot common pitfalls like those above and ensure your legal exposure is at an absolute minimum.

You Want to Get On with It

Many people are in a hurry to get the court to sign and finalize the agreement. The surest way to do this is by hiring an attorney. Then there’s no issue with ensuring you have completed and signed all forms. Similarly, there are no misunderstandings regarding proper documentation or supplemental information. And there’s no need to do it all over again because a mistake derailed the entire process and started the clock back at zero.

Hiring a qualified and experienced attorney will help you avoid unnecessary delays and keep your divorce moving forward, full steam ahead.

Contact a Family Divorce Lawyer to Get the Help You Need

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