Child Support AttorneyAt the most basic level, a child support attorney is your gladiator in the courtroom. They are fighting for what’s best for you and your child, in an arena where you may not have the skills required to do it on your own.

While the idea of putting such faith in another person may be utterly terrifying, it’s important to remember they will always act in a fair and decisive manner, focused solely on ensuring you receive everything you’re owed.

Introduction of the State into Child Support and Family Management

The increasing rates of divorce and single parenthood through the last several decades have turned the regulation of child support into a key social issue. Forty or fifty years, ago, the Court left the agreement and payment up to the parents. But in today’s society, state-run child enforcement agencies are taking a stronger stance, monitoring payments and aggressively pursuing dollar collection on the custodial parent’s behalf.

How the State and Court Work Together

Usually, the State agency works with the Court to implement a support withholding order, to ensure the ordered amount is directly deducted from the payer’s regular wages. In the event the payor becomes delinquent, the State can also do things like withhold a portion of the tax refund or seize the payor’s home until payments become current again.

Where Your Child Support Attorney Enters the Picture

The foundation for all of the State and Court’s involvement is going to hinge mostly on your current child support orders. These orders are issued by the family court and are based entirely on the guidelines of your particular state. Generally speaking, these guidelines factor in things like primary custody, income, and the number of children both parents have. But even if the custodial parent has a significantly higher income than the non-custodial parent, most states believe that a child has the right to benefit from BOTH parent’s incomes.

Your attorney will ensure all of your paperwork gets filed correctly and also that the Court hears all the pertinent facts and details as they relate to the State’s calculation guidelines. In some cases, the Court can stray quite far from the legal guidelines; your attorney is there to ensure if and when that might happen, the end result is truly what is best for your child.

Another Area Where You’ll Want an Attorney Advocating for You

While these orders are meant to be long-standing documents, this doesn’t mean they can never be changed. Attorneys also assist with modification of child support orders all the time. Whether permanent or temporary, your attorney can ensure your legal bases are covered, and your family’s rights are protected.

Let Us Be Your Child’s Advocate

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