What Should I Know When Looking at Child Support Lawyers in Cumming, Georgia?

If you’re looking for child support lawyers in Cumming, GA, there are a number of possible circumstances behind your search. Whether you’re dealing with an impending divorce, a domestic relations matter or an independent action, it is imperative you have a knowledgeable child support attorney on your side. Having the right lawyers to guide you through the process is all the more important when you consider the outcome will have an extensive impact on you and your child for years to come.

Every State Is Different When It Comes to Child Support Law

It is a requirement of the state of Georgia that parents provide adequate support for their minor children, and while this is consistent with other states, Georgia considers only income when determining the amount of child support that must be provided. The state’s guidelines might be deviated from in certain cases, but only if sufficient proof is presented to convince the court that an aberration is warranted.

For example, while it is customary for the custodial parent (who would have the child for the majority of the time) to collect child support from the other parent, the figures can be impacted if the non-residential parent has more visitation time than is considered customary. This, while being a matter of parenting time as opposed to income, can still alter the outcome of a child support case in Georgia.

While this flexibility of the state’s system may come across as complex, an attorney knowledgeable in Georgian child support law and family law, in general, can help you navigate these intricacies.

Questions a Child Support Lawyer Can Answer

As you prepare for a child support case, there are many things about which you might be uncertain. There are numerous factors at play when it comes to processes like this, and the possibilities might be daunting. Without a doubt, you will have questions, and without an experienced attorney on your side, you may find yourself looking for answers in the wrong places. A qualified, knowledgeable lawyer can help you with these inquiries, which may include:

  • How much child support am I entitled to in my specific situation?
  • What if the other parent and myself are unable to agree on a payment plan?
  • Will long distance travel impact my visitation?
  • What do I do if the other parent doesn’t make their child support payments?
  • How will health insurance and benefits affect payments?
  • When does the obligation for paying child support end?
  • What impact will child support have on my taxes?

If You Are in Cummings, Georgia, and You Need Guidance, Reeder Law Knows Child Support

A child support case can be intimidating, particularly given the amount of factors involved. Luckily, there is no need to deal with this alone. The attorneys at Reeder Law Firm have significant experience in these areas, and our knowledge of child support laws and guidelines will help you in every aspect of the process.

This experience in family law means you won’t be caught by surprise, and our lawyers at Reeder Law will do everything in their power to ensure the outcome is as favorable as possible for you and your child. If you’re in need of assistance, and you’re looking for child support lawyers in Cumming, GA, call (770) 504-4747 for a free consultation.